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Edmonton Dental Assistants Association

Employment Registry Service

The Employment Registry is fully funded and operated by the E.D.A.A. as a membership service. If you are looking for a change in jobs, a new job or for someone to fill a job in your office, we are here to serve you. You may contact the Registry and request a listing whenever you wish. This listing is sent free of charge to all employers who contact the E.D.A.A. with an employment opportunity. Many employers have indicated that they prefer to hire from the Registry than to place an ad in the newspaper and having to deal with all the resumes they receive. The job market is constantly changing and it is nice to know that your E.D.A.A. membership dues provide you with a better chance to find a job when you need it!

Members who are not listed on our Registry may contact the E.D.A.A. to find out which job listings have been placed by employers. You can match the type of job you are seeking with those listed and fax a resume to the employer.
The E.D.A.A. has developed a Starting Salary Guideline to assist our members in determining a fair and equitable starting salary. If you would like a copy of the Starting Salary Guidelines contact the Employment Registry and we will mail, email or fax one to you.

Please use the Skill Description Information Sheet to determine the qualifications required for a particular staff position and before you send in your Members Information Sheet or Employers Request Form.

NOTE:  There is no longer any reference to RDA1 or RDA11.  All Registered Dental Assistants will use the designation of RDA regardless of their additional training.  You must be clear on what skills (if any) beyond Chairside RDA are needed.
Click on the link below to view or print out the current skills descriptions.
Contact the EDAA Message Centre if you need any clarification or have any questions about this.

Dental Assistant Skills Descriptions Sheet 2010

To access the E.D.A.A. Employment Registry services contact us at the:
E.D.A.A. Message Center
Please leave your day and evening phone numbers, fax number or email address.   Forms to register for these services are provided below.
If you have not used this service before you must complete the Statement of Understanding in addition to the request or information forms and send them in together.

Members Statement of Understanding

Member Information Form for ER

Employers Statement of Understanding

Employer Request form to fill staff position

The E.D.A.A. publishes a professional newsletter bi-monthly for our members.
If you did not receive your copy contact the E.D.A.A. at
Edmonton Dental Assistants Association 

Phone or Fax (780) 987-2022