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Edmonton Dental Assistants Association

Oral Health Month and Oral Health Initiatives

Watch this page for information on the annual
EDAA Oral Health Month activities and projects

The following links provide information on oral health related to topics of interest to teens:

  Alberta Dental Association Tips for Teens:


 Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco:


 American Dental Association: What to do for a Dental Emergency


 American Dental Association: Tips for Teens


 “Soda Mouth” can look a lot like “Meth Mouth”:

http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/05/29/187050058/soda-mouth-can-look-a-lot-like- meth-mouth

 Healthy Families BC: Nutrition Tips for Teens:


 Why you shouldn’t smoke:



This one is really good!  


EDAA Information Brochures

These information tear sheets, posters, brochures and articles are from present and past EDAA Dental Health Promotions and are available for you to print and use.

2015 Dental Health for Teens Poster

2014 Dental Health Month Poster

2014 General Poster

2012 Early Oral Health Presentation

2012 Healthy Habits Healthy Smiles Tear Sheets

2012 Healthy Habits Healthy Smiles Poster

2011 What's Going On In Your Mouth?

2010 Dental Health Affects Overall Health

Oral Health and Pregnancy Brochure 2009

Oral Health and Pregnancy Article 2009


Dental Health Activities for Kids

We have some tips on brushing and flossing along with a Chart for you to keep track of your daily dental hygiene.  Click on the link below to see and print these.

Brushing & Flossing Chart & Tips

For more information please contact the Edmonton Dental Assistants Association
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