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Edmonton Dental Assistants Association

Our Purpose

The E.D.A.A. is a professional organization which provides its members with opportunities to gather, socialize and discuss matters of importance to the Dental Assisting profession. The association is committed to providing its members with a variety of continuing education opportunities, membership services (ie. Employment Registry), awards programs, social activities and opportunities for service and community outreach.

The Association

The Edmonton Dental Assistants Association was established in 1957 as the Edmonton Dental Nurses and Assistants Association. The goal of the association at that time was to provide area dental assistants with the opportunity to meet with their colleagues, to learn and to socialize.

Over the years the E.D.A.A. has developed into the largest local dental assistants association in the province with over 1900 members. The Board of Directors of the E.D.A.A. are a dedicated group of volunteers elected and appointed from within our membership to provide the members of our association with numerous educational opportunities and social events throughout the year. Members have the opportunity to contribute to the progress of the E.D.A.A. and participate in the decision making process through participation in discussions, presentation of motions and elections at General meetings and at the Annual meeting.

Participation opportunities include:
Welcome Back Pizza Night, Dental Health Month, February Seminar, Theme Speakers Seminar, Dental Assistants Recognition Week Social and Awards Banquet, Charitable work, Committees, Annual Wine & Cheese Social.

The E.D.A.A. will continue to provide our members with information on current developments and future trends in the Dental Assisting profession. We are committed to promoting the recognition of Dental Assistants as trained professionals and as vital integral members of the dental health team. As our membership grows, so does our opportunity to influence and shape the future of Dental Assisting on all levels.

Serving our members; our commitment to optimal dental health care for our patients; striving for excellence and pride in our profession....OUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT!

The Profession

Intensive training programs prepare students for the varied roles they will be required to undertake when they are employed in the dental field. Day programs are approximately 8-20 months long and are offered at private and public colleges in Alberta.

Employment opportunities in the field of Dental Assisting include general practice dental offices, specialty dental practices, dental clinics, hospitals, public health, educational institutions and the armed forces. Dental Assistants may be employed as Dental Business Administrators, Receptionists, Registered Intra-Oral Assistants, Chairside Assistants, Instructors or Sales Representatives..

Edmonton Dental Assistants Association 

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